Saturday, September 09, 2006

Unique Vintage Cars (house pics below)

Here are some cars that I have, some that I want, and some that are just too plain awesome for words. The little red and white one that looks like a bubble is a 1956 BMW Isetta. that is mine :). I am in the process of restoring it. After WWII, when BMW couldn't make planes and no one could afford luxery cars, they turned to this little guy. Most of Europe couldn't afford fullsized cars, and relied on scooters and motorcylcles. This bubblecar was a step up that got you where you wanted to go, protected you from the elements, and got you there in stlye, lol :). The isetta is what saved BMW from going under (though they might not like to admit it! lol ;) )There are hundreds of other amazing microcars and bubblecars that I coudn't even start to list, but I have this one :). others include Messerschmitts, Goggomobils, and Vespa 400's. Go to for more info :). Then there's the bug- thats mine too (its my driver). Its a 1961 vdubb, thats mostly stock (converted to 12 volt). The spaceship looking black and green cars are Citroen DS's. They're AWESOME!!! Decades ahead of its time. It was like having a cell phone in the 50's. The "magic-carpet" like ride is legendary, and this car will always live on as a timeless beauty. that I will one day own! lol. Then theres that car that looks so wierd I can't even describe it. It' The wacky black and silver car is an Aurora, one of a kind built by a priest in the 50's. That's as much I can remember, other than it broke down 8 times on its debut day LOL. So not quite a daily driver...but still pretty awesome. You could probably google it for more info. Well, thats all for now! :)

Holt House

This beautiful victorian mansion is located in North Carolina. It is in very original condition, and even has all of its original gas light fixtures (now converted to electric) it has been in the same family since 1905, and is now for sale. It needs restoration, but seems to be in remarkably good condition. It is about 4500 square feet on the first two floors. It sits on a picturesque 23 acres overlooking Haw River. it was originally built for Charles holt, the son of the governer of NC. It has 750 feet of river frontage. Several outbuildings, such as a barn, caretaker's house, carriage house, and chicken house are included. Those however, to my knowledge, are in considerably worse condition. It is a Barber house, and an impressive one at that. Barber was a famous mail-order architect. This place truly is a grand old dame.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Overlook Mansion

The only reason I set up this blog was to have a place to copy pics from, but they're pretty cool pics so feel free to look :). Here are some pics of an amazing mansion I am in love with in upstate NY. I have yet to see it in person, but will eventually! Original to its design when it was completed in 1889 was an indoor swimming pool, elevator, self-containing hydroelectric plant (powered by water), 17,000 sqare feet (excluding gigantic basement), and a truly breathtaking view from the mountainside of the small city it resides in. It truly appears like a castle. There are 9 master bedrooms, and 26 rooms all together. All the original stained glass and woodwork remains (and there's a LOT of it!). It comes with 15 acres, however a tudor style carriage house is available at extra cost, which aso has 6 acres. It has 12 ft. ceilings on the first floor, 10 on the second, and 12 again on the third. The Banquet Hall is located on the third floor. There is also a bowling alley that was either original or added shortly after the mansion's construction. The original elevator will take you up from the basement to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd floor, and then empty you out on the rooftop terrace. So 5 floors in all if you include the basement and roof. As amazing as the mansion is, it needs extensive work and is in desperate need of a restoration. the elevator is dysfunctional 9though the motor runs) and was quote $10,000 to get it and the cart fully functional again. The kitchen is gutted, and the porch needs to rebuilt. Original remnants of the porch survive, however would have to be used for a pattern. the roof is relatively new, at about 3 years old I believe. However, there is some issue with the red paint or something coming off. I'm not 100% sure on what the issue is with that. In addition, The carriage house is gutted inside. the bowling alley is deteriorated, and the pool is coveered by a stage. However, The foundation and bones of the mansion are in superb shape, and there are no mortar problems, as mortar was never used in its construction. It truly is an impressive work of art, that needs some $$ and tlc.